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The original SaveTheMaryRiver Coordinating Group website.

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SaveTheMaryRiver wins International Award

Pictures - ALP State Conference protest

Video - speeches from the ALP Stat Conference

Pictures - Fraser Coast Community Cabinet protest

Pictures - Don't Murray the Mary Floatilla protest

Video - Dok'ku project (7:36m)

Climate Change, Carbon and Traveston -readers comments

ABC "Catchment Detox" audio (Bush Telegraph) 


StopPress - a wonderfully designed art and photographically based website.  Good support for letter writing, high quality images.

Take a photo trip down the Mary

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GET UP! Climate Torch Relay

Queensland's surface freshwater systems are threatened by climate change. Research shows that regulated (dammed) rivers are the most at risk.  Mary and Burnett River actions on 6th September.  Print a Poster!

Australian Conservation Foundation campaign, focussed on the unique Mary River Turtle.

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World Expo 2008in Zaragoza, Spain.  The Mary River campaign has been chosen as an example of communities fighting unsustainable global water development.

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Discussion Thread

The original Traveston Swamp news site.  Relevant media commentary and extracts from the public forum.

Media Watch

Our Great Sandy. Focussed on the downstream and coastal impacts of the proposal.

pictures- Dok'ku project

Great Sandy Ramsar Wetlands

The SaveTheMaryRiver Facebook Group.  If you understand facebook - this is for you.

The Mary River My Space Site.  Some older short video clips via MySpace TV. 

Watch this good summary video


Water professional Steve Posselt's awareness-raising kayak trip through South East Queensland.  

Steve Posselt video interviews 

Slideshow presentation (25 m video)  

The MRCCC is one of the oldest and most respected Integrated Catchment Management organizations in Australia.   A great source of technical and scientific information.

What is so special about lungfish? (1:40 m) 

The Mary Catchment & Water for SEQ -   (27m streaming video presentation) 

Aquatic biodiversity in the Mary

"A river forever"

The original TravestonSwamp forum.  More than 11,000 posts - catch up and contribute to current on-line commentary, 

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Save the Mary River - there are much better options for Brisbane's water! 

The campaign to Save The Mary River has grown from the inital response coordinated by Mary Valley residents fighting for the future of their river and community to a truly broad-based national and international response.  This website now serves as a portal to a range of related efforts to save this river for future generations. The  Queensland and Australian Governments are poised on the brink of making a decision which will either provide a truly reliable and sustainable water strategy for South East Queensland (of which we can all be proud), or one which will inevitably lead to the shameful and entirely avoidable degradation of a globally significant river system and all it sustains.
Please take the time to decide which future you want to be a part of, and take some form of personal action (however small) to help it happen. You can make a difference!  

Overview (article)       The Story So Far(4 min video)     A watershed decision (2 min video)      Print summary (6 pages)



Nearly 500 million dollars has been spent destroying the families and communities of the Mary Valley for the sake of a flawed project which has still not been approved under state or federal law.  Click on the pictures to visit these sites to learn more.