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Save the Mary River Co-ordinating Group 
From the QFF


From Maryborough City Council ...

Maryborough to Stage Historic Rally to Save the Mary  

A historic re-enactment in Maryborough next Sunday [30 July] will also be a fight for the future of its river – the Mary. The city will combine a celebration to mark a major milestone in its history with an all-day protest over the State Government’s plans to build a major dam on the Mary River upstream at Traveston. The protest rally will include a flotilla of protest boats on the Mary near Queens Park. Mayor Barbara Hovard said the Mary River was – and still is – the lifeblood of Maryborough – but it was now under great threat. “Maryborough owes its very existence and amazing heritage as one of Queensland’s oldest cities and one of Australia’s most important ports to the Mary River,” she said. “We had always planned a historic walk to commemorate a decision made 150 years ago by our early pioneers to move the original township up river to a deeper port where the city of Maryborough is today. “Now we will also use the day to send a clear message to the Beattie Government that we do not want this dam on our river. “They have decided they are going to build this dam, yet they have done no studies into the impact the dam is going to have downstream on the environment flows, or the effect it will have on the Great Sandy Strait at the mouth of the Mary. As residents walk from the original Maryborough site to the "new" city”, “pioneers” (many descendants of early Maryborough residents) will recount stories of those early days – and also deliver poignant messages to Premier Beattie about the dam. “Save the Mary” signs will accompany people in period costume pushing wheelbarrows with their worldly possessions in them. The signs will also appear on horses and carts and vintage cars. Maryborough’s MELSA members are all steamed up about the dam so will have protest signs prominently displayed on the Mary Ann, a working replica of the first steam engine build in Queensland. The walk starts at the Original Maryborough Site in Aldridge Street at 9am with walkers being asked to turn up at 8.45am. It will finish in Queens Park amid Maryborough’s monthly Sunday in the Park. The call is also out for all fishermen and recreational boaties to join a flotilla of protest vessels on the Mary opposite Queens Park at high tide on Sunday (1.15pm). Representatives from the region’s commercial fishermen have already committed to be there. They believe damming the river will have a devastating impact on local prawn and fish stocks. . 


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