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1:100 year Flood Boundaries

Stage 2 works

Inundation maps

The new plan of Traveston Dam footprint - announced by Anna Bligh 31/10/06.

The map of the earlier dam proposal announced by Peter Beattie 

The shaded blue area is at 71m above sea level (about 6m average depth)

The thin blue line is 79.5 m above sea level (about 8m average depth)

The top of the dam wall is at 94m above sea level.

 None of these water levels were changed between the two announcements 

Sunwater 90m asl  Inundation Plan A map generated by Sunwater in August 2006 showing a 90m above sea level inundation zone as part of their investigations of the impact of the dam on flooding of properties upstream of the dam wall.  

Highway Maps

Main Roads released some detailed maps of the proposed new Bruce Highway route with a dam and a no-dam option in the southern section.  Detailed maps are now available from the main roads website and an overview is available on Warren Truss's website. The overview and details of the Southern section can be downloaded here as well.

Comparison with Sydney Harbour

An interesting comparison with Sydney Harbour.  Scales correct to within about 2%

 Concept drawing of dam wall, saddle dam and spillway.

Air photo and drawing tabled during State Parliamentary estimates comittee hearing.  

Published on front page of Gympie Times.

  Locality maps

Here is are some great tourist maps of the Mary Valley produced by

 Ecological maps 

You can generate remnant vegetation and ecosystem maps showing the endangered regional ecosystems and threatened vegetation from this EPA website 

The maps you generate will be emailed to you.

Aerial Photography and Elevation data

 If you like, you can also investigate the region on GoogleEarth - the dam wall is at approximately 26 deg 20' S 152 deg 42' S.   Although the resolution is quite poor, you can make out the rivers, creeks, some roads and townships.  The water height on the map is at 79.5 m above sea level.  If you look at the elevation data from GoogleEarth (bottom of the screen), you can easily work out the maximum depth of water at any point under the proposed dam.  As you will see, it will be a very shallow dam if it is ever built.
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