Mary River Council of Mayors Study Report


Here is a copy of the Executive Summary of the Mary River Council of Mayors Study into water supply options for SE Qld. 

This independent study 

  • cost $130,000
  • was funded by the 9 Mayors in the Mary Catchment 
  • outlines a strategy for meeting water supply-demand out to 2050, without needing to construct a dam at Traveston Crossing on the Mary River

Please feel free to distribute it to whomever you want. 

Download a Full Copy of the report, released on 23/02/07 (5.7 MB)

To summarize, the report based it's findings on published State Government figures for predicted water demand, (in spite of grave reservations as to their appropriateness) and State Government figures on costings.

As well as pointing out the obvious conclusion that the dam would offer no assistance at all to the current water supply difficulties in SE Qld, it found that the Traveston Crossing proposal  would produce  much more expensive water than all the other options investigated to satisfy  SE Queensland's projected future water needs.  It  found that the proposal was in an inappropriate location to cater for future growth in demand and was inequitable in that it consumed all of the strategic water reserve identified in the Mary catchment while preserving the strategic water reserve in the catchments where the water would be consumed.

This is the sort of study which should have been done by the State Government BEFORE committing Queensland taxpayers to such a prohibitively expensive and astoundingly destructive project which has no link at all to the current water supply problems.  This website is hosted by

Save the Mary River!  there are much better options for Brisbane's water!

Council of Mayors Report