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Dept. Medicine, Uni. of Qld.

(Here is an opportunity to show the nature and degree of impact this Traveston Crossing Dam proposal has made on our health, physically and mentally.  An assessment of this nature was conveniently ommitted in QWIPL's EIS Terms of reference.   
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Queensland University Department of Medicine Rural Health Project Health Impact Assessment - Effects of the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam As part of their course, 3rd year Medicine students undertake an 8-week Rural Medicine Rotation, part of which is the completion of a Rural Health Project. 

      One of the students, Ms Carly Fox, is currently working in Gympie and has initiated a Health Imapct Assessment relating to the impacts of the dam. As I understand it, the project focusses on two main areas: 

1. Analysis of recent increases in health problems as recorded by local GP's and hospitals, to assess the scope of the dam-related health problems. 

2. Personal (confidential) interviews with volunteer patients to assess the nature and root causes of the health impacts in more detail. Carly has already made significant headway into the study, speaking with local doctors, Lifeline, and making three trips to the Kandanga Info Centre to speak with locals. However, more of the personal interviews are still required. 

If anyone would like to volunteer to participate in the study, then please send Darren E a PM (private message) on the Forum or contact Sally Mackay via the Info Centre on 5488 4800. 

If you have any concerns about privacy / confidentiallity you can discuss them with Carly before continuing. Carly has only got about one more week in Gympie, however the project has the support of the University lecturers, and will be an ongoing project to be continued by the next student on rotation to Gympie. I think support of this project is a valuable opportunity to get some of the health impacts on the record. QWIPL's EIS Terms of Reference failed to include any sort of Health Impact Assessment, despite Federal guidelines recommending that such an assessment should be included in any major EIS. _________________  This website is hosted by

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Health Impact Assessment