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2018 STMRCG Applications - Join up to protect a healthy river and be involved in citizen science!

Please click >>> HERE <<< to download the STMRCG membership application for 2018 in a PDF.

2013 Membership applications - The more the merrier!

The 2013 STMRCG applications are available now!
To get yours click >HERE<

Mary Valley Economic Development Strategy

This PDF file has lots of info regarding the intentions of the State government for the Mary Valley!  

We would love to hear your feedback...  

Click Here for the PDF


Date Claimers!!!

Calendar of Events for 2012 <-~-~-~-~- Click here for list

ANNIVERSARY PADDLE 2012   Click here for more Info

Museum brochure and membership application for 2012

Membership application for 2012 <---- Click here for application

Save the Mary museum and river education centre <~~~~~~ Click here for PDF brochure


Presidents report for 2017.

Please click here to download and view the STMRCG Presidents report.

Up coming Event!

29th APRIL 2012

This year the Save the Mary River Coordinating Group are planning to paddle up the weir at Kandanga to Blue Creek. This will be a short 3 km paddle with some interesting features along the way.

See link below for further details


$75m? Don't ask what it is for - just hand it over.

Some video comments on QWI's budget process from recent government estimates committee hearings. Excerpt from the TravestonSwamp online forum.

Clarion call for 'renewal'.

Queensland's Labor Government, under Premier Anna Bligh, has been returned to power for another term.  In her election night speech, she acknowledged that the swing against Labor had given a strong message to the government, and gave an undertaking for renewal within cabinet and the process of government..  We can hope that this promised renewal, and the extraordinarily strong position that the Premier now has as Australia's first elected female head of state, means that she can show some real strength in correcting some of the situations she inherited from the former Beattie administration.  In particular, she gave an undertaking to 'the regions' for a better performance by government on regional issues. A good place to start would be in the electorates north of Brisbane where Labor lost every single seat in the entire region...

YouTube documentaries

These three Internet documentaries are essential viewing if you want a video introduction to the history , the human impact and some of the downstream impacts of the proposed dam project.

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