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Anna Argyroudi's research on the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal

Anna Argyroudi, our Swedish student visitor has presented the findings of her 4 months research on the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal for her Masters thesis as part of the Master Programme of integrated Water Resources Management in SLU University of Uppsala/Sweden, the agricultural university for Sweden. A pdf of her presentation is attached.

Template to use in preparing submissions for supplementary EIS

Here is a useful template for preparing submissions for issues not addressed in the supplementary EIS and addendums in preparation in case we get a 10 day public submission period to Peter Garrett .  Please send any issues that are concerning you through to

GMA Invite to "Our Dugong Yuwang'kan" 6th June 2009

Celebrate Reconciliation Week and World Environment Day 2009
by helping create a large-scale image of "Our Dugong Yuwang'kan"

Yuwang'kan (pronounced u-wonk-gaan) is Butchulla (local Aboriginal language) name for Dugong.

SATURDAY 06 JUNE Dayman Park Urangan

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