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Prime Minister says "I've swum in the Mary, I know it's a beautiful place"

On Tuesday, 2 November, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd arrived for a health forum at Hervey Bay hospital and he was greeted by a sea of yellow made up of Greater Mary Association members.

He left the vehicle he arrived in and walked over to our group, shook everyone's hand, received a gift of a "Love, Mary" book, a no dam pen and an "I love Mary" mug and strode away.

It was all over in a flash, but one sentence spoken by the Prime Minister left us pondering it's significance. On receiving the gift, his words were "Don't worry, I've swum in the Mary River, I know it's a beautiful place."


A great read, capturing the essence of the situation the campaign is currently in. Feel free to use it to give you ideas for your own letters to Garrett, Rudd, Swan and Wong.

Lose the Dam or Lose the Election! GMA delivery of 1000 letters and postcards to McNamara

A colourful procession of endangered species and protestors where hounded by the Grim Reaper today as they delivered 1000 protest letters and postcards to Mr McNamara's office. The Grim Reaper symbolises both the death sentence the proposed dam represents to endangered species and also the death of democracy inherent in the way in which our concerns have been ignored by the Government.

Photographs of the delivery are available at: 

How to cast a No Dam vote in the electorates of Maryborough and Hervey Bay

The candidates running in the Maryborough and Hervey Bay electorates have been asked for their views on the proposed dam. If you wish to cast a "No Dam" vote this election, please use this information to help you decide who to vote for and also how you allocate your preferences.


The responses to date are available at:

GMA meeting, Tuesday, 24th Feb 2009 Maryborough Town Hall Training Room

The Greater Mary Association (GMA) is the group focussed on the impacts downstream of the proposed dam , including the freshwater section of the river and the estuary and Great Sandy Strait. 

Our next meeting is this Tuesday, 24 February at 7:30pm at the Maryborough Town Hall Training Room. 

With the announcement of the election today, we'll have much to discuss and be looking for help to get the word out about the impacts of the dam in the lead up to the election. 

Hope to see you there. Any questions, please contact Tanzi on 0405848375

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