Upgraded Bruce Highway still within proposed dam

The most comprehensive information yet made available about the planned Bruce Highway upgrade between Sankey's Road  and Traveston Road is now available on the Federal Government's EPBC website.  The documents which accompany the referral of the project to the Federal Government under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act contain the best information available  so far about the State Government's current plans for this section of the highway.  It is interesting to note that in several places the new highway route passes right through the proposed stage 2 inundation zone of the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal.

The Dambusters Newsletter - March 2009 Election Edition

The Dambusters is now online.  Highlights in this issue include:

Extensive President's report on state election and other recent news

Latest info on Taking Mary to the Marginals...p 2

Trouble in the ALP ranks...p 3

Tips for Instant campaigning...p 4

Origami turtle...p 5

Love. Mary book reviews...p 7

In the news...p 8


Check out the new brochure '21 Ways to Help Save the Mary in the Next Three Weeks!'.

It's on!

State Election March 21

In under three years,  the Traveston Dam has gone from being "just a nimby issue", through being "a David and Goliath struggle" to the point where the ABC places it as Number two in the state's  election issues, second only to Queensland's  crumbling economy..

That said,  the  next three weeks represent a picture window of opportunity which will never return.

GMA meeting, Tuesday, 24th Feb 2009 Maryborough Town Hall Training Room

The Greater Mary Association (GMA) is the group focussed on the impacts downstream of the proposed dam , including the freshwater section of the river and the estuary and Great Sandy Strait. 

Our next meeting is this Tuesday, 24 February at 7:30pm at the Maryborough Town Hall Training Room. 

With the announcement of the election today, we'll have much to discuss and be looking for help to get the word out about the impacts of the dam in the lead up to the election. 

Hope to see you there. Any questions, please contact Tanzi on 0405848375

2009 election politics - vote NO Traveston

"Mr Lee said Labor would need to do a lot more than back down on plans to build the controversial Traveston dam."

DPI Ag-Industry network meeting - Kandanga, 14th March

See attached flyer



The decision has been made to proceed with the eastern route for the Bruce Highway between Federal and Traveston Road, regardless of whether or not the dam project gains federal approval. The public's preferred route in the case of the dam project not being approved was along the existing alignment, but a review undertaken by main roads had concluded that the eastern route is their preferred route in any case.

Feedback from the book 'Love, Mary'

I have been surprised again and again by the response to the book from people who are not convinced that damming the Mary River is a bad idea.  In discussions with these people they have focussed on what they believe are the possible benefits of the proposed dam, buying into the nauseating mass of QWIPL propaganda.  When the book is placed in their hands, I have seen these people let out a breath or sigh and say "I've always thought damming the Mary River was a stupid idea!" 

Feedback from the book 'Love, Mary'

Thank you for the copy of "Love Mary" which contains our dugong image. Congratulations on producing a wonderful but vital book to help save the Mary River.  I would be delighted to receive more copies of this book to distribute and help get the message out there to save the Mary River.  Thank you and again, congratulation on producing this important book.

Meri Bell,


Responses from the book 'Love, Mary'


When I read ‘Love, Mary’, I realised that I had underestimated some of the human impacts of the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam project.

I could not stop tears welling up as I read how healthy people and their productive lives are being damaged. Long before the project attempts to get the go ahead, the psychological damage done by emotional stress is affecting my fellow citizens right now.

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