The Dambusters Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2009 Summer Edition

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The Dambusters is now online.  Highlights in this issue include:

An invitation to an important public meeting on Tuesday 27 January at Kandanga Hall at 7pm (more on page 5).

‘Love, Mary’ 2

Petition launched for assessment of downstream 3

Marginal seats campaign...pages 4 and 6

A guide to election 5

Focus on 6

Pastures for sea 7

In the 8 8

The Dambusters Newsletter is published monthly (except for this special Summer Edition). Dambusters Bulletins are released if there is big news that can’t wait until the next edition. Contributions and feedback to The Dambusters are welcomed and can be sent to Tilly Hinton: or 5456 2910 (a/h).