Making your dollar go further for Paradise

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Consider this.  Just imagine you had $500.  Presumably you got it as income  which means it isn't really all  yours, some of it will have to go to the tax  office.  If your income is less than $30 000  you'd lose $75 of it. Should your income be a little more, say up to $75 000, you'd lose $150 of  it, up to $150 000, the slice would  be $200, while if you were in the fortunate position of having a taxable income over this, you'd lose $225 of your original $500.

But if  you were to make a tax-deductible donation to Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council for the Paradise Dam court case, your taxable income would be lowered  by $500 but you wouldn't really be $500 out of pocket. It's  an elegant notion but you might  be, say, $350 down but the tax office would have effectively chipped in $150 (more  if you were a higher income earner).

Of course $500 is just a  'for instance' amount,  the  maths holds up just as well for larger sums.

So don't  delay. Do it  this financial year and give yourself the warm glow of satisfaction that you've helped direct some government funds towards an important environmental cause that will goa long way toowards  highlighting dam-builders'  woeful track record in providing 'mitigation measures' that actually work.

If you’d like to donate tax deductible funds to help Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council with this case, contact Emma-Kate Currie at the Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council at or call 41 2333 61