Ms Bligh - please stop the "PeterBeatersen" Dam.

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It's a very simple messageIt's a very simple message for politicians. Even SEQ voters don't want the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam. Read about the latest  research findings in the Sunshine Coast Daily , Courier Mail and the Australian

For the last couple of years, survey and poll results have shown consistent public opposition to the former premier's rush-of-blood 2006 election wet dream - the proposed "PeterBeatersen" Dam at Traveston Crossing on the Mary River.  Not surprisingly, public opposition has always been fierce in the  Mary Valley itself and downstream of the project, (ie:  from anyone who knew anything about the river and the proposed damsite). The latest survey results simply add to the long list of statistics showing that most people can see through the millions of dollars of glossy greenspin and know that it is just a really bad financial investment that would  irreversibly damage an entire river system for little return to society.  SEQ has plenty of forward-thinking, more reliable and financially responsible options for ensuring water security, but no way of creating another river to replace the unique characteristics of the Mary.  read on..

  For a politician, the Traveston Crossing Dam issue should be pretty easy to understand:

  • Voters don't want it - just ask the former environment minister
  • It will fail just when it is needed the most (extended drought)
  • It's cost is already spiralling out of control, and it hasn't even been granted State approval yet.
  • It has already been independently reviewed by the federal government and is highly unlikely to ever gain federal environmental approval
  • Following a full senate inquiry into the proposal, the senate passed a motion (totally unopposed) in November 2008 calling on the Qld government to stop the project immediately.

The appropriate action is also very simple:  

  • Stop wasting any more time and money trying to cover up this debacle
  • Commit to repairing the damage done to the communities and landscape of the Mary Valley,  
  • Put in place a water security strategy for the coming century that doesn't destroy yet another river.

Thats what citizens expect of a responsible and ethical government. But then, Hey!Hey!,- it's Queensland!