Help save the Mary River and the Great Sandy Strait from the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam.

There are far better options for Brisbane's water

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LETTER WRITER'S CALL TO ARMS. Your river needs you now

The countdown is on for Peter Garrett and Kevin Rudd to decide the future of the Mary River. It's critical that we tell him, right now, what we think!
On the letter generator are six totally new letters.
Time is of the essence. We ask you to print them out and post them as soon as you can. Remember that an individualised letter is even better so by all means create your own.

1200 problems with the Traveston Crossing Dam (November Update)

(Whats new?: STRMCG publishing public submissions to the federal government)

The Queensland Coordinator Generals Report on the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam has been finalized and sent to Peter Garrett..   Here is a link to copies of the report documents and here is a joint statement from SaveTheMaryRiver and the Greater Mary Association  in response to the report.  Here is a link to the Federal Government's description of the current process.  Current indications from the federal government are that the finalized federal decision will be announced on or before the 18th of November.

The assessment process under federal law is now well under way.  This is where the real test of the proposal comes (there has never been any doubt as to the State government's political intention behind building this project). The major flaw in the Coordinator General's report, however, is the ludicrous statement that this worse-than-useless damsite is essential for providing water security to South East Qld.  Unfortunately, building an extraordinarily expensive dam that holds very little water and fails quicker in a drought than our existing dams is not illegal under the EPBC act, it is just a symptom of bad governance. 

There is a special section on the online forum discussing aspects of the report and the supporting documents.  If you want to contribute to the public analysis of this report, then please register on the forum and share your ideas. Now that the public has the opportunity to read the information which was sent to the federal government, many flaws and serious omissions are becoming clear. It is clear that Peter Garrett needs to put this information under some independent scrutiny and allow public review and comment on  this important federal decision.  Until a formal procedure is set up by the federal government, SaveTheMaryRiver will publish formal submissions and letters that people have sent to minister Garrett's department on matters that relate directly to the federal assessment decision.  These technical submissions are published in a special section of the online forum.

In particular, it would be inexcusable in the public eye for Kevin Rudd, Peter Garrett, and Penny Wong to approve and support the project without being informed by the evidence against the Queensland Government  to be revealed in the current federal court case into the Paradise Dam.  The Queensland Government has been unable to demonstrate compliance with the half a dozen federal conditions placed on their last major dam project, and it stretches the imagination that they would have any chance of complying  with the 1200 conditions proposed for this far more damaging and economically unviable dam project.

Here is a link to a recent 7.30 report on some of the problems that the State  faces in complying with approval conditions for just one threatened species.   7.30 REPORT

Do something NOW! Send a message to Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett 

Special Bulletin on Bligh announcement today

Everything you need to know about today's surprise announcement by Anna Bligh is in this special Dambusters Bulletin.

Rumours of Dam Approval Greatly Exaggerated - Senate rebukes Bligh (updated 06 October)

A public meeting was  held at 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon (13 Sept)  at the SaveTheMaryRiver Information Centre at the Kandanga Railway Station in response to the media statement released  by the Premier, Anna Bligh, entitled "State grants green light to Traveston"

What had actually occurred WAS NOT a state or federal approval of the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam, (The headline on the Premier's press release was a LIE) but the decision of the Coordinator General to send a draft of proposed approval conditions for the project to the federal government for consideration and feedback, PRIOR to the Coordinator General producing his assessment report on the proposal. (UPDATE: This information has been confirmed in Parliament by  Infrastructure Minister Stirling Hinchliffe and publicly confirmed by the Coordinator General ) However, It was undoubtedly a another statement of political will from the premier that was designed to strike an emotional blow against the communities and families of the Mary Valley. It also helped create a media focus for the second anniversery of her appointment, which coincided with Brisbane's "Riverfest" distractions from reality.

Images from - check it out(Photo:Outraged at stubborn stupidity,  Many of the statements in the media attention that followed are simply not supported by the scientific evidence produced during the Environmental Impact Assessment.  Most significantly, the information produced for the EIS clearly showed that the proposed dam is not a good performer in drought conditions. Because of it's small volume, poor location, shallowness  and associated high evaporation and seepage losses,  it would empty very quickly in a drought - providing about 18 months of drought storage at best.. Like a shallow saucer left out in the backyard it would fill very easily when it rains, but provide no useful water storage at all when things get dry.

The premier should also be reminded that "green" is not a good colour for a dam . The poor water quality and heavy weed infestations anticipated in this storage is one of the most destructive impacts that could be imagined for the threatened species of the Mary River,  which the proposed approval conditions are intended to protect. The Federal governments scientific summaries about some of these threatened species (in  the "Biodiversity threats" heading under "Government Links" on this website) clearly list dams and modified stream flows as the major threats to these species.  (Update: Senate Rebukes Bligh on "Green Dam" claim)

No public consultation has been entered into on these proposed mitigation measures throughout the state EIS process to date, and SaveTheMaryRiver insists that the full extent of these proposals are made available for public comment as part of the Federal approval process when it gets into  the hands of the federal Environment Minister, Peter Garrett. (Update: A Senate motion calling on Peter Garrett to publish the information  his department received from the Queensland government was carried on Wednesday 16/09.  Senate debate focussed on concerns that the Qld Premier may have compromised the environmental assessment process by lobbying the Prime Minister on behalf of the proponent, and the lack of public consultation on any of the proposed approval conditions.)

If you know families and people directly adversely affected last Sunday's media shock tactic, look out for them and offer your support as a friend.  So far, it's just a media statement from a couple of  spinners - and we've all been toughened by three years of dealing with that sort of tactic.  The media statement does give some information on a likely timeline for the proper legal assessment process and leaves no doubt as to the political stubbornness of the Premier regarding this project.

Here is a link to a special edition of the "Dambusters' newsletter in response to this media stunt - feel free to print and distribute or email copies around to your contacts.  Here is a link to the latest 7.30 REPORT story (5th October 2009)

Ms Bligh - please stop the "PeterBeatersen" Dam.

It's a very simple messageIt's a very simple message for politicians. Even SEQ voters don't want the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam. Read about the latest  research findings in the Sunshine Coast Daily , Courier Mail and the Australian

For the last couple of years, survey and poll results have shown consistent public opposition to the former premier's rush-of-blood 2006 election wet dream - the proposed "PeterBeatersen" Dam at Traveston Crossing on the Mary River.  Not surprisingly, public opposition has always been fierce in the  Mary Valley itself and downstream of the project, (ie:  from anyone who knew anything about the river and the proposed damsite). The latest survey results simply add to the long list of statistics showing that most people can see through the millions of dollars of glossy greenspin and know that it is just a really bad financial investment that would  irreversibly damage an entire river system for little return to society.  SEQ has plenty of forward-thinking, more reliable and financially responsible options for ensuring water security, but no way of creating another river to replace the unique characteristics of the Mary.  read on..

The Dambusters Newsletter - August/September 2009 Edition

The Aug/Sept  Dambusters is now online.  Highlights include:

President’s Report ...p 1
Reflections on water use...p. 2
Kandanga 1000...p.3 and 7
Estuarine health report...p.6
Calendar of upcoming events...p.8

SaveTheMaryRiver commends Rainbow Shores decision - eagerly awaits Traveston decision

The state environment minister, Ms Kate Jones today announced that the controversial Rainow Shores development at Inskip Point would not go ahead because of environmental concerns.  Given the small range of  issues listed in her ministerial statement, compared to the much greater range and scale of environmental issues permanently damaged by the State Government's even more controversial proposal to dam the Mary River at Traveston Crossing, this gives great hope that the inevitable cancellation of the Traveston Crossing Dam project will now be announced sooner rather than later.  If the State Government feels that the 200ha Rainbow Shores development is unacceptable on environmental grounds, they should immediately stop wasting any more taxpayers money on prolonging the painful three and half year long attempt to gain federal environmental approval for the 15000ha Traveston proposal.

$75m? Don't ask what it is for - just hand it over.

Some video comments on QWI's budget process from recent government estimates committee hearings. Excerpt from the TravestonSwamp online forum.

Kandanga 1000 Horse Rally - 19&20th September (a spectacular event!)


Kandanga 1000 Horse Rally - 19&20th September   (a spectacular event!)

88% opposition to Traveston Crossing Dam - latest political survey results

 An extensive political survey conducted across the Federal electorate of Wide Bay found that 88% of the 5000 respondants were opposed to the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam on the Mary River.  The survey covered a wide range of issues, particularly the forced amalgamations of local governments throughout the Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast areas.   In other findings 77% of voters were unhappy with the state government and 83% opposed the water grid. Read more in the Sunshine Coast Daily

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