Help save the Mary River and the Great Sandy Strait from the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam.

There are far better options for Brisbane's water

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Plenty of water options for SEQ - Australian Water Association

 There are plenty of options for urban water in South-East Queensland without the Traveston Crossing Dam  Read what the Australian Water Association (the peak professional body for Australia's water industry) has to say on the matter:

Water options 'plenty' after Traveston snub (ABC news)

Federal Government does the “right thing” on Traveston Crossing dam

11 November 2009 - 2pm (updated 13/11)

Read the full Federal decision HERE.   Photo gallery HERE


The announcement of Peter Garrett’s “proposed decision” to can the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam has been welcomed by all those who have spent the last three and a half years examining the proposal and campaigning against it.

Save the Mary River Coordinating Group President, Glenda Pickersgill said she was pleased and relieved that the decision was based on  sound science.

“We wish to commend Minister Garrett and the staff of his Department for their professional and scrupulous conduct on this issue and urge him to hold his position. This decision is consistent with the Federal Government’s policies on water, climate change and biodiversity. It is the right decision,” Ms Pickersgill said.

“Although we need to wait for the final decision, we will shift our focus to making sure the community is involved in determining the use of over 14000 ha or so of land which has been purchased (prior to gaining the approvals needed for the project to proceed) by Queensland Water Infrastructure Pty Ltd, 


 A media conference has been called at 12.45pm today, Wednesday 11th November, to announce Peter Garrett's proposed decision on the Traveston Crossing Dam, as indicated under the EPBC Act.

There will be a meeting at Kandanga Hall at 7pm following the announcement.  Everyone who can get there is most invited.  In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, and your neighbours.

This is also Remembrance Day - may we continue to remember it as another battle fought hard, fought well ... and won!

Get on the SMS Call to Action List for saving the Mary River

The word from Peter Garrett's office is that a proposed decision on Traveston Dam will be announced this week - possibly as soon as Wednesday!
The purpose of the proposed decision is to give relevant Federal Ministers and the proponent an opportunity to comment. They have 10 business days to do that, then a final decision will be made.

Trees of Knowledge... meet the overlooked giant figs of the Mary Valley

For a political party that was born under a special tree, the current Qld Labor government seems to have forgotten it's roots!

Trees of Knowledge - the overlooked figs of the Mary Valley

For a political party that was born under a special tree, the current Qld Labor government seems to have forgotten it's roots!

Prime Minister says "I've swum in the Mary, I know it's a beautiful place"

On Tuesday, 2 November, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd arrived for a health forum at Hervey Bay hospital and he was greeted by a sea of yellow made up of Greater Mary Association members.

He left the vehicle he arrived in and walked over to our group, shook everyone's hand, received a gift of a "Love, Mary" book, a no dam pen and an "I love Mary" mug and strode away.

It was all over in a flash, but one sentence spoken by the Prime Minister left us pondering it's significance. On receiving the gift, his words were "Don't worry, I've swum in the Mary River, I know it's a beautiful place."

The Dambusters Newsletter - October/November 2009 Edition

The Oct/Nov  Dambusters is now online.  Highlights include:

 President’s Report ...p 1

 Coordinator-General’s Report in a  nutshell...p. 2 & 3

 5 things to do right now...p.4

 Understanding River Flows...p.5

 Paradise Court Case...p. 6

Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett - the "Traveston Test" of Labor's environment and water platform

 Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett are going into the next election with a policy platform on the environment which should make the federal decision on the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam very simple.  Just say no.  The project does not align with the policies that Mr Rudd is trying to put into place, and the project does not align with the objectives of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act that Mr Garrett administers.  Here is a link to the federal labor environment platform they claim will govern their actions in the future.  The first real test of these words is the "Traveston Test". What decisive action will these two men make between now and the 18th of November on what is arguably the most significant case to ever come before the EPBC act in its history? Australians expect the government to provide reliable, sustainable water supplies that do not destroy their rivers - the proposed dam at Traveston Crossing is the antithesis of this expectation.  

Here is a link to a selection of good recent radio interviews about this federal decision. 

Will Kevin and Peter  Leave the Mary Mighty in the wake of their Watershed Decision


A great read, capturing the essence of the situation the campaign is currently in. Feel free to use it to give you ideas for your own letters to Garrett, Rudd, Swan and Wong.

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