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Save the Mary River!  there are much better options for Brisbane's water!

Community Support

Local issues in brief

Draft Terms of Reference for the EIS currently being  reviewed based on submissions from public

Variations in property valuations and land prurchase procedures being investigated by the CMC.

Griffith University study on social impacts of consultation process released- Gov gets 'failed' report card.

Federal Senate enquiry likely to be called in early March - STMRCG lobbying for enquiry to investigate social, economic impacts on top of federal environment issues.

Baseline studies for EIS commenced.

Water Resource Plan legislation for Mary Basin in place - no effective protection of downstream flows.








Support  for Residents

Community Support Centre Phone:5488 4800

The SAVETHEMARYRIVER co-ordinating group has set up a support centre at the old Kandanga Co-op building. This will be a drop-in point and a source of support and information for people affected by the announcement. 

When you, as a landholder, receive information about the dam process, it is important to remember that it is not an overwhelming crisis, it is a piece of paper. YOU SHOULD NOT SIGN OR AGREE TO ANYTHING until you have had time to seek legal advice and consider your options with as much information and support as possible. You are not alone - the Mary Valley community is tightly knit and has deep roots in this place. We will look after each other.  

State Government "One Stop Shop":5488 4929 

Look here for details of State Government Services available via the State Government Office in Kandanga.  The LifeLine counselling service and outreach activity is also running from this office: 
8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday - phone Kenneth Campbell
07 5488 4929 -
Outside office hours 24 hours, 7 days a week then phone  131 114

The latest Community Project - Mary's Quilt ....and go here for more information

MVARG - Animal Refugees - details here

 Words of encouragement:

Look here for immediate personal action you can take to protect the health of yourself and your family.

Look here if you feel your personal resolve is flagging.

Look here if you would like some words of encouragement or would like prayer support.


1300 667 791